Who we are


Hi, I'm Eliza

by Decor Designs

Enter the wonderful world of restyling too

Here you will find everything you need to restore your now neglected and disused piece of furniture to a new shine.

The furniture you own hides a very precious story that just needs to be brought to light.

Let your furniture speak for you.

For you, only high quality materials and decorations.

Decor Designs products come from years of studies and research in the sector to offer you the best in terms of product quality and style.

Who am I to tell you this?

I am eliza ,

Always madly in love with the hobby.
Since I was young, I have dabbled in creations that allowed my creativity to flourish.

I had some old, battered furniture forgotten in my attic.

I immediately looked for a way to revive them.

So I entered the wonderful world of DIY restoration.

I discovered thousands of paints and finishes, each with a peculiarity that makes the piece of furniture unique.

In these years I have learned a very simple thing:
Each piece of furniture has a story to tell.

It's up to us to know how to listen to it and bring it into vogue by sharing it with the people we love. This is the world of Decor Designs. A world where stories are told.

Of course the techniques are important, but what really makes the difference is love.

Restoring a piece of furniture is a great act of love towards the past and towards one's identity. Restoring a piece of furniture is a tender gift for the future.